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  • 34mm XX High Steel Rings Heavy Duty
34mm XX High Steel Rings Heavy Duty

Reference 01-034-04

34mm XX High Steel Rings Heavy Duty

34mm Tactical steel rings designed to withstand heavy recoil and extreme service.
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These extreme heavy duty rings are designed for the magnum size scopes. Constructed of high strength steel with a Nitrite finish.  Are held onto the 1" wide base with 1/2" hex nut and bar clamp.  The steel ring caps are held in place with (6) #8-40 torx drive screws.  Rings fits on Picatinny style bases. Built to hold up to heavy recoil and extreme service.  Height from the bottom of the scope to the top of the rail is 1.402 and from center line of scope to top of the base is 1.712.  weights 13.4 ounces 
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