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    Offering an Entire Array of AR15 Parts and Accessories

    The AR15 is a popular weapon that is based on the military's M16 and is often described as being black, mechanical, and utilitarian. Its appearance is quite like weapons seen in fantasy games that can adapt special sights, stocks, scopes, AR15 accessories, and rails. It also is known for being easy on the shoulder as numbers of rounds are pumped into a target.

    Design and Manufacturing

    At Precision Reflex, we design and manufacture shooting products for accomplished shooters--people who understand their craft, and the weapons they use. They can explain both their skill and weapon in a superior way that others cannot. In addition to manufacturing our own line of shooting products, we manufacture AR accessories for other companies. Among our products and accessories, you'll find AR15 kits, AR parts, AR handguards, AR15 magazines, AR15 rails, 30mm scope rings, AR15 tools, iron sights and more.

    The Process

    We custom build each individual upper and rifle we produce to make sure it meets our standards before we ship it to you. This includes polishing and breaking the chamber and the bores in, along with testing the unit.

    Customize Your Weapon

    We manufacture and carry AR15 parts that allow you to customize your weapon to your heart's desire. Additional accessories include flashlights, night vision, scopes, AR15 handguards, adjustable rails, scope rings, scope mounts, and more. People even paint their gun with creative colors. With this level of customization, each AR15 purchased from Precision Reflex start to finish offers a unique product their owner will admire for years to come.

    Speak With One of Our Experts

    While we are headquartered in Ohio, you can shop online at your convenience. Our staff members are experts, and are always willing to answer questions and provide helpful tips.

    Call us today at 419-629-2603.