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  • 1" Extra High Aluminum Rings
1" Extra High Aluminum Rings

Reference 01-001-04

1" Extra High Aluminum Rings


1" Tactical rings constructed of hard coat black anodized aluminum, designed to withstand heavy recoil and extreme service.

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Pri's Aluminum 1" extra high rings are constructed of hard coat anodized Aluminum and use (4) #6-32 Torx head top screws. Designed to with stand the heavy recoil and extreme service. From the bottom of the scope to the top of the rail is .70 and weighs 4.5oz. from scope centerline to top of the base is 1.206"  Scope rings are secured to base with 1/2 nut.  

Using the INCH POUND torque wrench, tighten the screws to 15 to 18 INCH POUNDS moving from one screw to the screw in the opposite corner. If you are using the standard wrench, tighten the screws by moving the wrench 90 degrees maximum and proceeding from one corner to the opposite corner.

The ring nuts may now be tightened with a torque wrench to 60 to 65 INCH POUNDS of torque or with a standard ½ “ wrench tighten an additional 90 degrees maximum.

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