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Custom AR Complete Rifle Kits

For the firearm enthusiast with discerning taste, at Precision Reflex, we offer a superb range of custom AR rifle kits and other packages to fulfill your shooting requirements. Our selection of tactical and specialty rifles are your premier choice when you need dependability and exceptional performance.

Custom AR Firearms

Our rifles packages cover everything you need to handle a variety of shooting requirements and scenarios.

Our selection of Mark 12 Mod models is extensive and enables you to enjoy an easy, lightweight and precision shooting experience. The models we offer include the Mod 0 Gen 2 Rifle All Black (1-7 and 1-8 Twist models), Mod 12 Mod 0 Gen 2 Rifle All FDE (1-7 and 1-8 Twist models).

Other Tactical Rifles

We also offer Custom PRI Tactical Operator Rifles. They come with a ready to shoot with a variety of compelling features including a 16” Douglass stainless steel barrel. When you need precision, ease-of-use and dependability, custom PRI rifles do not disappoint. You can count on

Custom AR Accessory

In addition we offer the Stripped Lower accessory (also FDE model) that functions as a perfect base for your AR15. With the Stripped Lower, you can enjoy easy magazine insertion capability along with a sleek look to complement your rifle.

Review our complete selection of custom AR rifles for additional specs and product detail information. If you have any questions about our array of Mark 12 Mod 0 specialty and tactical rifles call us today at 419-629-2603. We are happy to help you choose the best rifle package for your needs.

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