AR15 / M16 Gen III Round Forearms

The AR15 Sets the Standard on a Global Level

The AR15 is an amazing rifle by any standard. It is far more than just a gun, it is a symbol of proud owners everywhere what quality looks like in the mind of the shooter. Synonymous with reliability and functionality, the AR15 has been a staple at Precision Reflex since its inception, offering a wide level of customization and add-ons that owners truly love.

What our Customers Want

At Precision Reflex, we manufacture firearms and shooting accessories for people and well-known companies. For the AR15, we provide magazines, parts, stocks, scopes, rail, and an entire array of add-ons that can take anyone’s shooting skills to the next level. If you are looking for an exceptional weapon to add to your collection, we are the destination of choice.

List of AR15 Accessories

Several accessories and parts that customers like are the Gen III Carbine Length Round, Gen III Intermediate Round Forearms, Gen III Length Round Forearms, Gen III 14” Round Forearms, Gen III 15” Round Forearms, and Gen III Forearms Accessories and Rails. There are more to select from so explore your many options.

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While we are headquartered in Ohio, we are as close as the nearest computer or cell phone. You can shop online for quick service or you can call us today at 419-629-2603 to learn more about our products and services. We stand by our products and services. Over the years, we have built an amazing reputation. We exist for customers like you.