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AR15 Complete Upper Assembly and Many Other Upper Barrels and Receivers Available

If you are looking for high-grade shooting parts and accessories that are made to an exceptional standard, by an established company with decades of experience behind them, we are here to help. We manufacture premium assemblies, receivers and barrels which can be used to upgrade existing weapons or to replace damaged or sub-standard parts.

6.8 SPC Upper Receiver for Sale

Like everything we offer, the 6.8 SPC upper receivers we sell are fully assembled, maintained and tested prior to putting them on the market. We never send out a component unless we have personally ensured that it operates correctly, and provides the results you need. Beautifully constructed from top-quality materials, this item is available in a range of calibers, making it suitable for use with a number of different weapons.

AR 15 Upper Barrel Assembly

The AR 15 upper barrel assembly is a popular choice due to its modular construction. What this means is that it's easy to customize to your specific requirements. In addition to providing complete assemblies, we also offer individual components, enabling you to tailor your weapon as you like. Designed to fit with the serial numbered lower assembly, the upper assembly allows you to improve the performance and accuracy of the versatile AR 15 rifle.

We Stock a 5.56 Upper Receiver Complete

Another option for the AR15, the 5.56 upper receivers offers an adaptable way of tailoring your rifle, depending on your specific requirements. Like everything else we sell, our 5.56 upper receiver kits are made to a demanding specification and thoroughly checked and tested before being passed on to our network of dealers. For advice or assistance on anything in our range, or to find out the location of your nearest dealer, call us at (419) 629-2603.


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Flat Top Receiver In FDE Item: 05-556FR-DE Back Ordered
Manufacturer: PRI $150.00
AR15 Forged Flat Top Receiver In FDE Finish
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