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18" Mark 12 Mod 0 Black SPR Upper in 5.56 Cal. 1-8 Twist - Product Review
This Mark 12 Mod 0 Black 5.56 caliber 18" upper is a complete upper with all the extras and ready to shoot. Upper is a M.O.A accuracy 1-8 Twist barrel
Item: 07-55618-SPR-RDB  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: PRI
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Product Review
Reviewed By: manuel r.
Review Date: 3/20/2015
There are a few companies aside from PRI that specialize in making mk12 clones and price them in the 18-2200 price range for just an upper using the EXACT same parts that PRI uses. This upper is solidly built, beautiful to look at and amazingly accurate. With mk262 LR (77gr SMK) I am getting average groups of .5 MOA with the best group being .43. I'm sure with the perfect hand load it'll perform better. I've had a few mk12 mod 0 builds in the past and this one is byfar the best performing. My only gripe with the upper is that it comes with the PRI (troy style) Rear BUIS instead of the A.R.M.S. #40L rear sight. Not a deal breaker but if you want to make it as spec as possible just ad a #40L rear sight to the list. If you want a beautiful MK12 upper that's priced right and shoots SUB MOA, this is the upper for you. Don't pay someone else hundreds of dollars more to build you the same upper using the exact same parts, go through PRI and they'll make it worth your while!
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