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The 5.56 MSTN Quiet Control Brake / Compensator has a system of ports to reduce the felt recoil and the climb of the muzzle and to the right. Brake has a black nitrite finish.
Item: 05-0089B  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: PRI
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Michael C.
Review Date: 5/12/2017
Built two 22 Nosler's for varmint killing. One has a quick change suppressor mount but the other has the Quiet Control Brake. Used it first on a 5.56 Wylde just to see how loud it was at shooters ear and down the firing line. One of very few muzzle brakes ever put on a 5.56 AR 15 that didn't drive people mad up and down the line. Even on a 22 Nosler don't see people three tables over jump out of their shoes when the overbore cartridge barks. Had totally given up on 5.56 muzzle brakes as a favor to others at the range but now have a viable option in the Quiet Control Brake and not only does it live up to its name with sound signature, it really keeps a rifle shooting flat and eliminates climb as well as any have tried and better than most. It really shows its capability with the 22 Nosler when need to get a quick second shot on a distant coyote or ground hog before it realizes is in danger while your readjusting your dope for wind or distance.
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