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The 5.56 MSTN Quiet Control Brake / Compensator has a system of ports to reduce the felt recoil and the climb of the muzzle and to the right. Brake has a black nitrite finish.
Item: 05-0089B  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: PRI
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Michael K.
Review Date: 6/26/2014
I bought my first PRI product about 6 years ago. It was the 6.8 SPC Mark 12 Mod 0 upper. The upper is the most accurate semi auto I have ever shot. I can usually shoot a sub minute at 100 yards every time I take it to the range, or in precision rifle competition. Secondly, the MSTN QC Brake is unreal. On the 6.8 it has reduced the recoil down to less than a .223, and you can keep your eyes on target without loosing the target through any variable high power scope you choose. Just lately I bought two MSTN QC Brakes for my Mk18 and my M4/Law enforcement use. The reduced recoil is surreal to say the least. Both of my ARs have full auto capability. The recoil is literally equal to or less than a .22 long rifle. Yes, I could not believe it so I allowed others to shoot and give their assessment. Everyone that shot my M4 and the Mk18 just stood their and could not believe the almost "zero" recoil, even with M855 ammunition it still had the same result. Best muzzle brake I have ever used and I still can not believe the .22 long rifle I just shot, but looks just like my old Mk18 I owned a minute prior to shooting it. Both people that shot my rifles have already, or are in the process of buying the MSTN brake for their AR15s. Thanks PRI for the best products on the market!!!!!
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