Get Back To Basics With BUIS From Precision Reflex

At Precision Reflex, Inc. we understand that many of our sportsmen and women, competitive shooters, and gun enthusiasts prefer to use the latest in technology on their firearms. This includes using red dot and crosshair types of optics. .....Read More


What to Look for in an AR 15 Handguard

Picking an AR 15 handguard can be mindboggling because is a large variety of options to choose from. Selecting the right handguard characterizes the appearance and usefulness of the rifle. Likewise, with the right handguard, you can include more accessories. .....Read More


AR15 and M16 Accessories from Precision Reflex

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OVERWATCH by Precision Reflex

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For a Quality Charging Handle Choose Only PRi

As any gun enthusiast or practitioner would know, a charging handle, while not completely necessary, makes for a better firing experience. The Gas Buster Charging Handle is a patented safety device for diverting gasses and dirt away from the Shooters face. A tactical charging handle creates a firing session that is smoother and hassle free. .....Read More


Iron Sights – Some Benefits Explained

While there are options to purchase advance models separately, iron sights are included in most standard manufactured rifles. Just because the appendage comes with the firearm, doesn't mean that it is easy to use to its fullest potential. Unlike with a scope, using an iron sight requires you to focus on three different things - two rear sights, front sight, and the target. .....Read More


High Quality AR15 Magazines and Accessories

For people like you, shooting is not just a matter of aiming at a target and pulling the trigger, it is a matter of pride. When you are at the range, you want to perform to the best of your abilities and improve. But you also know that being a great shooter requires more than just skills and experience.....Read More


AR 15 Handguard Shopping Tips

Selecting the right AR 15 handguard can be a bit confusing. For example, do you look at forearms, hand guards or foregrips? What are the best features to have and which ones can you live without? Let's check out handguard options for your AR15 to help make your decision a little easier....Read More


Choosing the Right Scope Mount for Your Rifle

If you take your shooting skill seriously you'll want to have a high quality scope mounted on your rifle. However, even the most sophisticated and accurate scope is not of much use if it is not mounted properly on the weapon....Read More


Scope Mounts Rings Accomplished Tactical

At Precision Reflex Inc., we have developed a positive reputation in the firearms industry since our humble beginnings in 1979. Over the years, we have cleared multiple patents on innovative new designs and began manufacturing high strength rings and bases used by police officers, SWAT team officers, and soldiers in the military. ...Read More


High Quality AR15 Accessories and Parts

In 1979, Precision Reflex Inc. opened its doors with the goal to design, manufacture, and supply high quality products for experienced, accomplished shooters. In only a few years our capabilities had grown considerably and encompassed several U.S. patents and the responsibility of designing rings and bases for police officers and SWAT ...Read More