How to Quick Clean an AR 15 in 7 Steps

Do you know everything about cleaning and maintenance of an AR-15 Rifle? This guide breaks down the steps on how to clean your rifle. Read More


5 Things to Avoid When Making AR 15 Modifications

The AR-15 offers more accessories, modifications and rifle packages than any firearms platform on the market and possibly history. Almost immediately most shooters will purchase a rifle and begin modifications to their exact tastes and needs. The siren’s call to modify can be overwhelming, but without careful planning you can take a functioning rifle and turn it into an unreliable disaster before ever firing the first shot through it. Follow these few simple rules to help ensure your range day will be enjoyable or your life might be saved. Read More


Scope It Out: How to Choose the Best AR 15 Optics

The AR-15 is America’s multiuse firearm of choice for the military, law enforcement, hunting, competition and recreational shooting. Originally issued with a fixed front sight post and iron-sighted carry handle, the AR-15 can be customized with a wealth of accessories. Read More


Advantages of a Gas Blowback Charging Handle

Experiencing gas blowback from an AR-15 for the first time can be a jarring event. The quick burst of gas directed back toward the shooter’s face can be distracting and disorientating, as well as pose a serious safety concern to the shooter’s eyes. Read More


Finding the Best AR-15 Buttstock Position

One of the most attractive features of the modern AR-15 rifle is the ability to customize and modularize many features of the rifle to find that perfect configuration and fit. When picking up your AR-15, several points of contact are happening and each one can drastically affect how the weapon feels, points and recoils. Read More


How to Upgrade From AR15 to SPR

For over 50 years, the U.S. military has relied upon the AR15 as their main battle rifle for conflicts around the world. The theaters have changed through the years, and new and unique versions of the rifle have been created to satisfy the missions asked of it........Read More


Iron Sights | Learning the Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Although iron sights come equipped on most handguns and rifles, mastering their use can be a little challenging. There are significant benefits associated with using an iron sight as opposed to a scope, and with patience and practice any marksman can become proficient at using these sights.......Read More


The Precision Reflex Difference | AR 15 Tools and Parts

Making the decision to shop Precision Reflex, Inc. for all of your AR 15 tools and parts provides you with several advantages over buying through auctions or private sellers. We offer a full selection of our parts through our website, which means we can deliver the parts you need, right to your doorstep......Read More


Common Problems with Cheap AR15 Magazines

At Precision Reflex, our goal is to design and manufacture the best components for AR 15s, and other long guns. We take great pride in carefully designing, machining, and producing only quality parts and accessories which are built to our high standards...........Read More


AR15 and M16 Iron Sights and More From PRI

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Customize Your Weapon with PRI AR Accessories

We understand how passionate our customers are about their AR 15s. We are passionate about producing the best AR accessories on the market, and we have been in business doing just that since 1979. Our company has grown from its small beginnings into the well-know, trusted provider of high-quality accessories we are today!...........Read More


Taking Stock Of Scope Mount Options

Today, you would be hard-pressed to find a hunter, sportsman, competitive shooter or a gun owner that enjoys some time on the firing range that doesn't primarily use a scope. While we do sell a lot of BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights), we find that the demand for our precision manufactured scope mount components is certainly on the increase. ............Read More


Explore Your BUIS Options From Precision Reflex

There are casual gun owners who may make it to the target range a few times a year, and then there are more serious gun owners. This latter group is typically individuals who own more than one gun, and spend time practicing, shooting, hunting, and working on the weapons to provide the ideal gun for their specific needs. ............Read More


What to Consider When Upgrading Your AR15 Handguard

With many of the upgrades to the AR 15, the look, profile, and functionality of your weapon is not all that obvious. When you choose to upgrade to an AR 15 handguard from Precision Reflex, Inc., ............Read More


Evaluating Different AR15 Kits

For those interested in looking to add new lowers to their AR15s, one option is to purchase one AR15 kits that are on the market. These are typically made by aftermarket parts companies, with different companies offering a variety of options in the kits they sell. ............Read More


How to Save Money on AR15 Parts

One of the great things about owning an AR15 is the ability to tinker with the parts and create a look that you like, along with a shooting experience that suits your style. It is also a great gun if you want to create a specific look, from a highly tactical weapon, with all types of accessories, ............Read More


Introducing The Precision Reflex Charging Handle

At Precision Reflex, we believe in manufacturing each component of your weapon with the features, functionality, and durability that adds to your shooting enjoyment. This is as important for the gun owner who enjoys shooting on the weekend at the target range as it is to the competitive shooter who shoots on a daily basis. ............Read More


Considerations When Choosing an AR15 Gas Block

At Precision Reflex, we sell our aftermarket components to a wide-range of gun owners. Some are serious collectors that have spent years customizing their AR15s, and changing out stock components with our custom-designed options. ............Read More


Tips For Finding The Ideal 30mm Scope Rings

An important feature of any rifle are the scope rings. Most rifles will use 30mm scope rings, but this will vary based on the type of weapon, the size of the scope and how the system will mount to your gun.............Read More


Getting Comfortable Using Iron Sights

Many gun owners use scopes, or other advanced optics, for their hunting, target practice, and sport shooting activities. However, at Precision Reflex, we work with a lot of gun owners who are also trying to find the right set of iron sights to add to the weapon............Read More


Building Safety Into a Custom AR

At Precision Reflex, we believe in designing and manufacturing custom AR parts and components that do more than just add to the aesthetics and performance of the rifle. Each of the parts we design and manufacturer are developed with user safety in mind, creating options that add to the overall experience of working with the firearm...........Read More


Upgrading Your Weapon With an AR 15 Handguard

Also known as a forearm, or a foregrip, the AR 15 handguard is a highly visible component of any weapon. While some shooters may choose to upgrade a handguard just for the a more military look, choosing the right handguard can also help to increase accuracy, allow for the attachment of additional accessories, and allow the weapon to fully customized to your preferences..........Read More


Information on PRI Scope Mounts

At Precision Reflex, Inc., our goal is to create superior quality for all of the weapon components we manufacturer. We have been producing our parts for over 32 years, and we ship from our Ohio location to dealers all across the United States..........Read More


Matching Scope Rings With Scopes And Shooters

At Precision Reflex, Inc. we focus on designing and manufacturing quality parts for a wide-range of different weapons. Through our expertise, we realize that not all guns and not all shooters are the same.........Read More


The Importance Of Quality AR15 Parts

Over the years, Precision Reflex, Inc. has worked with a number of gun enthusiasts, collectors, avid sportsmen and women, and a wide range of companies and agencies........Read More


How to Choose the Right AR15 Rails

One of the first things that new owners of an AR15 want to do is to give their weapon more of a customized look. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose from the various options we offer in AR15 rails.......Read More


Top Reasons to Invest in PRI AR15 Tools

At Precision Reflex, Inc. we understand that many of our customers like to work on their own weapons. The AR15 tools we offer give our customers the peace of mind of knowing they are buying a top-quality......Read More


Get Back To Basics With BUIS From Precision Reflex

At Precision Reflex, Inc. we understand that many of our sportsmen and women, competitive shooters, and gun enthusiasts prefer to use the latest in technology on their firearms. This includes using red dot and crosshair types of optics. .....Read More


What to Look for in an AR 15 Handguard

Picking an AR 15 handguard can be mindboggling because is a large variety of options to choose from. Selecting the right handguard characterizes the appearance and usefulness of the rifle. Likewise, with the right handguard, you can include more accessories. .....Read More


AR15 and M16 Accessories from Precision Reflex

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OVERWATCH by Precision Reflex

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For a Quality Charging Handle Choose Only PRi

As any gun enthusiast or practitioner would know, a charging handle, while not completely necessary, makes for a better firing experience. The Gas Buster Charging Handle is a patented safety device for diverting gasses and dirt away from the Shooters face. A tactical charging handle creates a firing session that is smoother and hassle free. .....Read More


Iron Sights – Some Benefits Explained

While there are options to purchase advance models separately, iron sights are included in most standard manufactured rifles. Just because the appendage comes with the firearm, doesn't mean that it is easy to use to its fullest potential. Unlike with a scope, using an iron sight requires you to focus on three different things - two rear sights, front sight, and the target. .....Read More


High Quality AR15 Magazines and Accessories

For people like you, shooting is not just a matter of aiming at a target and pulling the trigger, it is a matter of pride. When you are at the range, you want to perform to the best of your abilities and improve. But you also know that being a great shooter requires more than just skills and experience.....Read More


AR 15 Handguard Shopping Tips

Selecting the right AR 15 handguard can be a bit confusing. For example, do you look at forearms, hand guards or foregrips? What are the best features to have and which ones can you live without? Let's check out handguard options for your AR15 to help make your decision a little easier....Read More


Choosing the Right Scope Mount for Your Rifle

If you take your shooting skill seriously you'll want to have a high quality scope mounted on your rifle. However, even the most sophisticated and accurate scope is not of much use if it is not mounted properly on the weapon....Read More


Scope Mounts Rings Accomplished Tactical

At Precision Reflex Inc., we have developed a positive reputation in the firearms industry since our humble beginnings in 1979. Over the years, we have cleared multiple patents on innovative new designs and began manufacturing high strength rings and bases used by police officers, SWAT team officers, and soldiers in the military. ...Read More


High Quality AR15 Accessories and Parts

In 1979, Precision Reflex Inc. opened its doors with the goal to design, manufacture, and supply high quality products for experienced, accomplished shooters. In only a few years our capabilities had grown considerably and encompassed several U.S. patents and the responsibility of designing rings and bases for police officers and SWAT ...Read More